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Finger-Jointed Solid Structural Lumber from Bois Brever

Finger-jointed solid structural lumber is construction timber manufactured through the process of finger jointing, where several pieces of wood are glued together.

First of all, the wood is dried, then flaws and fragile parts of the pieces of wood which could reduce the strength of the product, such as knots or wanes, are removed by cutting them out. Afterwards, long and solid pieces of wood are obtained by the process of end-to-end gluing of those flawless and short pieces. The ends are re-joined with finger-joints. After the finger-jointing the pieces of timber are cut to length and planed or levelled to an exact size. The outcome is a very solid and deformation resistant construction timber.

Finger-jointed timber offers numerous advantages: the wood is dried down to a humidity percentage rate of 15 +/- 3%, which is systematically controlled. It prevents subsequent torsions of the wood. The technical drying process desensitises the wood against insect attacks and a chemical protection of the wood is thus, not necessary. Finger-jointed construction timber is renowned for its high quality, deformation resistance, its solidity, its accuracy of fit and aesthetic values.


Finger-jointed timber is used in all wood construction domains:

  • roof structures
  • wooden supporting structures
  • interior carpentry

New production site of finger-jointed solid structural timber at Bois Brever

In order to respond best to the increasing demand for high quality finger-jointed construction timber, the sawmill Brever has invested, since the beginning of 2016, in the construction of its own production site to manufacture finger-jointed solid structural lumber.

   Unique production site in Luxembourg

The on-site production hall of 1.320 m2 integrates a modern and up to date production line to manufacture finger-jointed lumber. We stock a total of about 1.500 m3 dried wood to be able to respond quickly to our customers’ needs.

The wood used for the fabrication of the construction timber originates from the Belgian Ardennes and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

   Custom production

Besides the availability of standard dimensions in quantities of full packets, we offer a custom production of finger-jointed timber. The customers submit their individual orders with specialised dimensions, in particular the desired length, and we produce it.
According to the customers’ requirements, the timber will be packed automatically with a plastic film.

Our strength is a quick respond to your demands, and this, also for small quantities of timber!
We commit to offer a quality service, rapid and flexible thanks to our own fleet of lorries. We can deliver the timber to the construction site.

  Submit your order / price demand

The fabrication of finger-jointed timber at Bois Brever is conceived for a custom production with a maximal length of 13,50m.
We suggest you send in your price demand or order via the form below :

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