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Glued-Laminated Timber

Glued-laminated timber or gluelam, is a natural construction material, more resistant than conventional construction timber. It consists of several planed wood boards/slats assembled and glued together with a virtually invisible polyurethane adhesive.


Because of its stability and high load-bearing capacity this construction material is highly appreciated in the sector of wood construction, mainly for wooden structured houses, big halls and buildings such as sports halls, communal or industrial centres. It is also used in ceiling, flooring and balcony structures. The advantages of glued-laminated timber are numerous: deformation resistance, few fissures or cracks, precise sections, excellent thermal insulation, homogenous aspect, easy to work/ form, high earning potential, aesthetic material.


We offer standard and on demand dimensions in gluelam.

Lengths: 6m and 12m

6cm 8cm 10cm >12cm
6 x 12cm 8 x 14cm 10 x 10cm 12 x 12cm
6 x 16cm 8 x 16cm 10 x 20cm 14 x 14cm
6 x 20cm 8 x 20cm 10 x 24cm 16 x 16cm
6 x 24cm 8 x 24cm 10 x 32cm  

Lengths: 6, 12 and 14m

12cm 14cm 16cm 20cm
12 x 20cm 14 x 20cm 16 x 20cm 20 x 20cm
12 x 24cm 14 x 24cm 16 x 24cm 20 x 24cm
12 x 28cm 14 x 28cm 16 x 28cm 20 x 28cm
12 x 32cm 14 x 32cm 16 x 32cm 20 x 32cm
18cm 14 x 36cm 16 x 36cm 20 x 36cm
18 x 24cm 14 x 40cm 16 x 40cm 20 x 40cm
18 x 28cm 14 x 44cm 16 x 44cm 20 x 44cm
18 x 32cm 14 x 48cm 16 x 48cm 20 x 48cm
18 x 36cm      
18 x 40cm