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Our delivery service is specialised in transporting all finished goods. Five experienced lorry drivers work for Bois Brever S.A. They respect our customer’s habits and demands, and pay special attention to the command of loading and unloading the wood from the vehicles.

An adapted truck fleet

To make sure our delivery to your building site is on time, we have four lorries available to optimise our delivery service. To vehicles are specifically equipped with a crane and special trailers, to pick-up and transport the log wood from the forest to the sawmill. The trailers make the delivery of about 35m3 of cut wood per delivery possible. The delivery of any by-product is only possible for quantities as of 60m3.

Delivery agreement

Deliveries are made in Luxembourg, Belgium, the north of France and several regions of Germany (North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland). The management of the deliveries is planned in advance in order to respect the appropriate time limit that was agreed with the customer.