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Solid Wood Processing and Joining

To offer you the complete finished product, ready to assemble on the building site, we suggest the service of solid wood processing and joining. This process is offered in collaboration with a specialised partner, by the means of a Hundegger joining machine.

The process

From the professional plans of your construction, procured by an architect, the corresponding plans for the processing and joining, as well the final assembling, are created. A special software developed for wood constructions is used to generate the plans that determine the precise cutting and shaping of the wood, corresponding to your initial plan of your project. The designer defines the various parameters with this tool: the dimension of the different pieces, the type of joining needed, the number of metallic pieces needed, and the assembly plan. In addition to the plans of the cutting and assembling of the various pieces, a 3D model of your project is realised to make the final assembly work on the building site easier.

Quality and Simplicity

The Hundegger joining machine, perfectly adapted to the sector of high quality roof structures and other wooden frameworks, receives the created plan of the construction. The cutting is done to the exact dimensions and according to the indicated drillings. Every processed piece is numbered in accordance with the final assembly. The complete set of the worked and ticketed pieces will be delivered to the building site with the assembly plan.

Usage domains

  • Roof structures,
  • houses with wooden frameworks,
  • commercial,
  • industrial and agricultural buildings,
  • carports…


Taking course via a wood processing and joining centre has numerous advantages: the variety of cutting options are virtually unlimited, the precision of the processing and the reliability of the plans assure a flawless course of action.