• Triage et Contrôle de Qualité 1
  • Triage et Contrôle de Qualité 2
  • Triage et Contrôle de Qualité 3

Sorting and Quality Control

The pieces coming from the main saw line and edging line all end up in the sorting centre. Depending on the products’ nature, we realise:

  • a visual quality control
  • automated sorting in different boxes according to the dimensions of the pieces of wood
  • semi-automated sorting by means of an aspirator

By means of an automated box sorting system, equipped with push bar conveyor, the timber is led into vertical boxes with hydraulic sinking pockets. Each box has the capacity of more than one wood pack and the contents of the pockets are gently unloaded onto a chain conveyor transporting the boards towards a stacking line.


A box sorting system was installed in 2004. All products, except the boards, laths and bigger beams are sorted on this line. Pieces with a large cross-section dimension are sorted by means of the aspirator. The sorting equipment allowed to increase the production thanks to a higher capacity of treating the sawed woods. From the main saw line the products are visually controlled and classed: natural defects are rejected. The personnel in charge of the classification is trained and has the necessary experience to fulfil this task.

The following characteristics are located and segregated:

  • wane
  • size and placement of knots
  • decay
  • blue stain
  • insect attacks
  • cracks