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The quality of our products and the origins of our wood is guaranteed by different certifications:

The PEFC certification

The PEFC certification ensures the companies responsibility to buy and sell timber that comes from legal and sustainable sources and from responsibly managed forests. Our certification number is CTIB – TCHN 0984.

PEFC certification

The CE NORM certification

The CE NORM certification ensures that we class the produced construction timber in various qualities in accordance to its solidity. The classification is manually executed, by our specifically trained staff, according to the regulations of the norms EN 14081-1 + A1; 2011 and DIN 4074 (09) to define le different stability classes C16, C18, C24, and C30. Our certification number is: 1161 – CPD – 0987.

CE NORM certification

The European certification IPPC

The European certification IPPC, International Plant Protection Convention, assures the control and prevention of industrial pollution. We offer a high temperature treatment according to the norm NUMP15. Our certification number is: LU – 096 – HT – DB.

The Made in Luxembourg label

The Made in Luxembourg label, recently acquired, proves that Bois Brever S.A. is proud to show the origins of their know-how and experienced company.