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On the customer’s demand, we artificially dry our wood to grant better stability and resistance. We have three vacuum driers at our disposal. The course of vacuum drying consists in evacuating part of the wood's humidity, through a controlled conditioning process, preventing obvious torsions, as they can appear in the natural drying process. This procedure upgrades the quality of the construction timber. Various drying cycles are applied, in accordance to the final humidity percentage rate that the customer demands.


  • The weight: a freshly cut spruce tree weighs between 751 and 900 kg/m³, depending on the season. The weight drastically decreases after the drying procedure to 450 and 480 kg/m³. The dried wood is therefore, easier to handle, both during transport and assembly at the building site and during the processing of roof structures.
  • Deformation resistance: during the natural drying process, torsions appear. During the artificial drying process, those torsions are restricted through the vertical pressure, executed by the load that is put on top of the wood pile to be dried.
  • Damaging insects have virtually no chance to survive and are extinguished. The development of fungal decay is restricted and hardly possible on dried, cut wood.


Equipped with three driers, the firm assures a high flexibility. Each drier has a capacity of about 30m³.