Services & further processing

In addition to our made-to-order products, we offer various services and complementary further processing of the products to complete our range.

We suggest several treatments to finish the wood: Planing, impregnation, drying and heat treatment.

On request, we can also carry out the trimming of your timber and, thanks to our own fleet of lorries, organise the delivery of your goods.


We enable you to cut and trim your construction timber in collaboration with a competent partner.

On the basis of the architect plans you have submitted, corresponding cutting and assembly plans are generated.

Complete extensive timber processing, including drilling and milling work as well as markings of all kinds, are carried out precisely and professionally.


With our own fleet of five trucks, we transport the finished goods to the customer and enable the delivery of the round timber to the sawmill.
Our five experienced drivers are specialised in transporting the sawn timber.

We deliver to Luxembourg, Belgium, northern France and some border regions in Germany (North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland).

Further processing


On request, the wood can be technically dried at our company. In our drying chambers or vacuum dryers, the wood can be dried to a moisture content of approximately 18 % to reduce subsequent deformation or shrinkage.

Heat treatment

We offer an IPPC heat treatment.
This procedure is an ecological process that destroys any harmful organisms in the wood to protect the wood and improve its longevity.


At the customer’s request, a dip impregnation can be applied.
A chemical protective treatment for wood minimises the risk of insect attacks, fungal infestation or blue stain.

We also offer pressure impregnation as protection for your construction timber or outdoor garden timber that is in direct contact with the ground or moisture.
Pressure impregnation is carried out by specialised partner companies.


Two planing machines enable different planing and profiling of the respective goods.

Planing is a wood finishing process. This processing of the wood creates an even and smooth surface of the product.

Gallery of our services & further processing

Sustainability of our products

The Brever sawmill only cuts spruce wood.

We attach great importance to the quality of finished products. The origin of the round timber and the attention paid to their purchase, as well as the PEFC and CE standard certifications, guarantee the quality of our products.


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